The Also Eden story.

The Also Eden story goes back to 1993, when vocalist Huw Lloyd-Jones moved to Cheltenham and — looking for like minded people to hang out with  — answered a ‘singer wanted’ ad in the local paper. The band was a metal band called ‘Morgan’ and, after a brief audition, he was offered the job. The keyboardist of the band was Ian Hodson.

The band played just one gig and then drifted apart as bands so often do but not before Huw and Ian had struck-up a friendship that lead to them starting to write together.  

With nearly an album’s worth of material written, the two started to think about playing live and recruited local musicians to form an actual band, ‘Eden’.  After two gigs, several lineup changes and more writing, the band looked like it was beginning to happen when … Huw had a near-fatal brain haemorrhage. Whoops!

Needless to say, this put the brakes on any band activity for quite a while!

Fast forward to 2003 and Huw (much recovered) and Ian started to write music again. After tentatively working with a number of musicians, the band lineup finally settled with the late, great Ralvin Thomas on bass and Simon Rogers on guitar. As writers, Simon, Huw and Ian gelled immediately and this lineup completed and recorded the band’s first album, About Time. The opening track, ‘Between the lines’ and the epic ‘For Bumble’ remain staples of the live set today.

Just before the album was released, an internet search revealed a band called Eden in almost every city in the UK, so after ten minutes as ‘Eden as well’, the band became ‘Also Eden’.

The band gigged extensively after the release of ‘About Time’, developing an excellent reputation as a live act.

A second album, ‘It’s kind of you to ask’ was written during 2007 and recorded and released during 2008. By this point, the band featured Tim Coleman on drums (later replaced by Steve Byrne and, even later, by Dave Roelofs) and Steve Dunn on bass. Live shows during 2008 and 2009 included Night of the Progs, in Loreley, Germany, Progfarm in the Netherlands and ProckFest in Germany plus gigs in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The last gig of 2009 was The Summer’s End Festival.

Then, for reasons best known to himself, Huw left the band. Whoops.

The band started searching for a replacement and recruited Rich Harding as their new vocalist, quickly moving forward with the EP ‘Differences As Light’. And then, just as the band settled into their new lineup and direction, Rich had a very serious bike accident. Whoops.

It’s to his eternal credit that Rich not only survived a life-threatening crash but actually managed to record an album, ‘Think of the Children’, for release in 2011, as well as perform live while still recovering.

Also Eden’s revolving door continued to spin in 2012 with both Dave and Steve leaving, replaced by Lee Nicholas and Graham Lane. Ian left in 2013.

With Simon as the principal creative force, album number four, ‘Redacted’, followed Ian’s departure, with keyboard duties being handled by Andy Davies and Howard Sinclair (who also played live with the band).

During this period, Huw worked with Unto Us, which also featured the aforementioned Dave. Unto Us released their only album to date, ‘The Human Landscape’, in 2014.

2015 saw Simon contributing guitar to a new band project, Ghost Community, who released their first (and, so far, only) album ‘Cycle of Life’ in 2016 and Also Eden went on hiatus while the album was promoted.

From 2016, Huw and Ian were reunited in another project, the band Midnight Sun, releasing their debut album, ‘Dark Tide Rising’, is 2018.

During 2018 Huw, Ian and Simon — still good friends —started to discuss the possibility of a one-off gig to mark the tenth anniversary of the release of ‘It’s kind of you to ask’. Dave, though now based in The Netherlands, was keen as was Steve Dunn, though he was forced to pull out due to work commitments and Graham from the latest, latent lineup was recruited.

And the came the global covid crisis. Whoops!

The band finally played that gig in October 2021 at The 1865 in Southampton. And they enjoyed it. A lot. And decided to carry on doing it.



The Also Eden roll of honour ...

Dave Jones (drums), Charlie Groves (drums), Tim Quy (bass), Andy (guitar), 

Also Eden:
Cliff Davies (guitar), Phil Legend (drums), Geoff Curtis (bass), Jerry Broderick (guitar), Steve Dunn (bass), Howard Sinclair (keyboards), Lee Nicholas (drums), Rich Harding (vocals), Andy Rigler ((keyboards), Andy Davies (keyboards), Tim Colemand (drums), Steve Byrne (drums), Ralvin Thomas (bass), Dave Roelof (drums)